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1.- Registered details of CNP PARTNERS

This website has been created by CNP PARTNERS DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS, S.A., with registered address in MADRID, Carrera de San Jerónimo, 21 and holder of C.I.F. (Tax code number): A-28534345, and is free to use, informative and for personal use only, for the purpose of providing information to clients and the public in general in regard to the products and services offered and supplied by CNP PARTNERS and other companies within the group. The Email address for the CNP PARTNERS company website is:  and the organization is listed in the Madrid Commercial Register under, Volume 4,819, book 3,991, folio 195, section 8, page M-38,280, entry 1.

CNP PARTNERS DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS, S.A is listed with and under the supervision of the Spanish GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF INSURANCE AND PENSION FUNDS (DGSFP), under the administrative code C559-G001.

CNP PARTNERS is a committed adherent to the Guide to Good Practices of the Spanish Union of Insurance Organizations ( in relation to the transparency of information prior to the contracting of insurance which includes the guarantee of Payment Protection in the event of unemployment or temporary disability.

2.- Correct use of the website.

The user agrees to refrain from using the website or any of the products and services offered by CNP PARTNERS for any illicit purposes, those prohibited under the terms of this Legal Disclaimer, those prejudicial to the interests of third parties, or which might in any way damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or impede the normal use of the same, or the computer equipment, documents or files of CNP PARTNERS or other users.

The user agrees to use the content of the website (texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or sound elements, as well as the graphic design and source codes) in accordance with the Law, the present Legal Disclaimer, the product and services terms & conditions, as well as generally accepted morals and customs and public order, and in particular to refrain from the following:

  • reproducing, copying, distributing, making publically available in whatever form, transforming or modifying the contents without the express consent of the holder of the corresponding rights or where legally permitted to do so;
  • to delete, manipulate or otherwise alter the copyright and other identification data relating to the reservation of rights of CNP PARTNERS or other title holders, or any of the technical measures established for their recognition.

The user will refrain from obtaining or attempting to obtain access to the contents via any media or processes distinct from those that have been accordingly made available or suggested for the purpose on the website, and provided these do not involve damage or deactivation of the website itself or the products and services.

3.- Intellectual and Industrial Property

CNP PARTNERS is the holder of the rights of Intellectual Property over the content of this website (graphic design, codes, fonts, texts, images, etc.) or holds the permits necessary for their use.

CNP PARTNERS has the authorization of the various organizations whose LOGOS have been used and which are protected by the applicable legislation over rights of intellectual property.

This website and the contents housed therein are protected by current legislation in terms of intellectual property. All modification, copying, reproduction, downloading transmission, distribution or transformation of the contents of the Portal are prohibited without the express authorization of the holder of the corresponding rights or where otherwise legally permitted. In no event will access to the website represent acquisition by the user of any property rights over the contents of the same.

Some of the contents of this website may be downloaded onto the user’s terminal in accordance with the rules of website use and provided that this is solely for private use and has no commercial purpose.

The references to commercial brands, registered trademarks or distinctive labels, whether owned by CNP PARTNERS or third party companies, include the implied prohibition of their use without the consent of CNP PARTNERS or their legitimate owners. In no event, except with express permission, will access to or use of the Portal and/or its contents, confer rights to the user over any of the trademarks, logos and/or distinctive labels included therein and protected under the Law.

CNP PARTNERS will not transfer ownership of their software to the user, and will remain the owner of the format on which the software is recorded. CNP PARTNERS retains all industrial and intellectual property rights including the software.

Where the user chooses to transfer software from this site to their terminal (downloading), including any files, images incorporated within or created by the software as well as any other information attached to the same, they will not be permitted to dissect it for their study, translate the original source code or its language to another code or language.

Neither will they be permitted to handle the above in any way that alters the nature of the software or its original purpose.

Any contravention on the part of the user of the rights of Intellectual Property or other rights over the contents of this website, belonging to CNP PARTNERS or other third party companies, may result in the penalties and liabilities established under the terms of the Law.

All transmission of data which the user may perform either to or from this website, which infringe the property rights of third parties, or whose content may be seen as threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or which may constitute or incite  any criminal conduct will be strictly prohibited.

4.- Content of the website and attached links

The information contained on this website may on occasion contain errors, despite all the efforts of CNP PARTNERS to ensure the accuracy and updating of the same. CNP PARTNERS will not accept liability for any damages which either directly or indirectly result from the accuracy or completeness of the said information, or through the use of the contents of this website by third parties, nor any possible errors occurring when logging on to the same, this being the sole responsibility of the individual who chooses to access or use it.

Where this website contains links to external sites CNP PARTNERS will not be held responsible for the content of the said sites, access to and use of which will be governed by the terms and conditions of the pages consulted and be at the responsibility of the user. In addition, CNP PARTNERS would like to warn their users that all links to other sites not belonging to the CNP PARTNERS Group companies are solely for informative purposes and in no event represent a suggestion, invitation, sponsorship, support or recommendation of the same on the part of CNP PARTNERS.

All links to this website from other sites should always connect the user to the home page ( but should not reproduce it in any form, nor create frames or in any way imply the sponsorship of CNP PARTNERS of the site which contains the link. In no event should it be understood or declared that CNP PARTNERS has authorized the said link. The inclusion of links to this website does in no event imply the existence of relations between CNP PARTNERS and the owner of the website where such links are contained, nor the acceptance and approval on the part of CNP PARTNERS of any contents or services included therein.

CNP PARTNERS grants the user a free, personal and non-exclusive license to use, copy or print any material or documents included on this website, on the condition that this is solely for personal use.

The user may transfer (download) the content of this website to their terminal, provided this is for personal use and not for any commercial purposes. As such the user may not, without the express prior and written authorization of CNP PARTNERS, distribute, modify, transmit, forward or utilize the content of the website, either partially or in its entirety, for any public or commercial ends. This condition will include, but not be restricted to, texts, images, audio and video content.

CNP warns that the use of this website and the information it contains is the user’s own responsibility, and also advises that CNP cannot guarantee the user that by accessing any included links to other websites they will not be exposed to information they may find damaging or offensive.

5.- Privacy and Data Protection Policy



POSTAL ADDRESS: Carrera de San Jerónimo No. 21, 28014 Madrid


At CNP PARTNERS DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS S.A. (hereinafter CNP PARTNERS) we will process the data of users who fill in the contact details form.


We will not use your personal details to produce commercial profiles and offer you tailor-made products, nor will we make computerized decisions based on the details you have provided us.


The details you have provided for processing of your query on the website will not be stored for future use. They will only be employed for the purposes of resolving your query.


CNP PARTNERS is authorized to process your data as a result of the consent you gave at the moment of filling in the contact details form.


Your details will only be held by CNP PARTNERS.



All individuals have a right to know if CNP PARTNERS hold or are processing their personal details, if in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us on the Email address included in this section.

Specifically, you have the right to access, request the rectification or demand the suspension or cancellation of all processing of your data. If you detect any error in the details you have provided, you also have a full right to rectify the situation, so please notify us as soon as possible.

We will not use your details for any commercial purposes and you will not receive information of this type from CNP PARTNERS. We will only use the data provided for the resolution of any queries sent to us.

In some events you may be able to request a limitation of the processing of your personal details, provided you are a CNP PARTNERS client. In those cases where you have only filled in the website questionnaire your details will be stored solely for the necessary processing, which in this case will be the resolution of the corresponding queries.

You may exercise all these rights via the following Email address:

If you prefer you may also send us your request by post to:

Carrera de San Jerónimo, 21
28014 Madrid

If we fail to comply satisfactorily with your requests, you are free to contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency, which is the official body in charge of ensuring compliance with your rights in this area. On their website you will find additional information in regard to all these rights and we have here included a link:

6.- Information on technical aspects

CNP PARTNERS will not be responsible for any possible loss or damages which result from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telecommunications faults or disconnections to the operation of this electronic system due to reasons beyond the control of CNP PARTNERS, nor any delays or blockages caused by deficiencies or overloading of telephone lines or strain on the intranet of this organization, the Internet system as  a whole or other electronic systems, as well as any damage which may be caused by third parties via illegitimate intrusions beyond the control of CNP PARTNERS.

7.- Exchange or circulation of information  

CNP PARTNERS will not accept any liability deriving from the exchange of information between users via their respective website pages. The responsibility for any statements made on their websites will correspond to those who make them.

All users will be strictly prohibited from transmitting any information onto this website, which may contravene the property rights of third parties or where the content may be deemed threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or which may constitute or incite any criminal conduct. CNP will not accept responsibility for the content of any forums or discussions in cyberspace (chats), bulletins or other type of transmissions, which may be related to this website and will cooperate, wherever required by judicial order or by the relevant authorities, in the identification of the persons responsible for any content which violates the Law.

8.- Modifications to the website or the terms and conditions of use of the same.   

This website may not be altered, changed, modified or adapted in any way by third parties. CNP PARTNERS, nevertheless, reserves the right to make changes to the content, configuration or presentation of the website at any time and without prior warning.

Likewise, CNP PARTNERS reserves the right to modify at any time the terms and conditions for use of this website, and update the same on the site itself. We would therefore recommend that the user periodically consults the Legal Disclaimer to check if any such changes have been made.

9.- Browsing with cookies.

A cookie is a file which is downloaded onto your computer when you open or log on to certain websites.

On the website we use both our own and third party cookies to improve our services. If you continue browsing we will assume that you have accepted their use. To change the configuration of your browser or obtain more information please click here